About us

We are Glastonbury’s own, John D Revelator we sing songs of love, life, loss, ditches, railways and revolution!

We are :

John – Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, harmonica, righteous indignation & vocals154457675_3705563829492330_8644333799454117436_n


Ann – Washboard, Tambourine, backing vocals and mild panic153251024_3705563566159023_2141328473175623945_n


G – All the guitars, All of the time!97E03F9D-F47B-497C-8CE8-B8A93B73B304_1_201_a


Simon – Bass, backing vocals, the groove & pogoing! Dearly departed, hugely missed, still loved,


Chanty – keeping us in time, in line, in order & making us sound ace!E7BAAFC5-37C3-4D2C-8DC4-0DD8CEB5ABA0_1_201_a

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