With deep sadness and huge regret we have to report that our beloved bass guru & groove generator, Simon Morey, passed away suddenly & unexpectedly on the 25th February 2023. Obviously, this leaves us utterly bereft and we extend all our love & sympathy to his lovely partner Sue, daughters & wider family. He was hugely popular figure on the local music scene & our brothers Liam Howard & the Truthseekers & Kohiba, we know, are also saddened and deeply shocked

Not that music seems important right now, but we are unsure of what the future looks & sounds like for JDR. What we do know is that Simon would be furious if he thought the music would stop on his account!

Please bear with us as it leaves a massive hole in all our lives and we will update as soon as we know what lies ahead.

Until then, live each day to the full, let your loved ones know how much you love them & don’t put anything off till tomorrow because no one knows how many tomorrows we have.

Revelate in peace biggun – we love you.

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